Friday, March 26, 2010

Don't Know Much About Healthcare

Like most of us I'm still learning what's in the healthcare bill.  But the debate around it has made at least one thing clear. The only thing in the middle of road is roadkill.  Listen to the rhetoric and you'd think this isn't a debate between Republicans and Democrats, but Libertarians and Socialists.  The extremes of the political spectrum are so energized other possibilities seem impossible or immoral.

As one who must think and act as a Christian that bothers me.  The church is so easily seduced (and used) by one pole or the other.  The personal responsibilty concern of the Republicans and the communitarian concern of the Democrats are each found in a gospel centered ethic for human life.  When we lend our voices too readily to the partisan discussions it usually results in a distortion of the gospel.  And we disappear into the rhetorical intolerance of our times.

What's better?   Fewer public pronouncements by religious leaders and more local involvement in meeting people's healthcare needs in the name of Jesus Christ.  I'm always surprised by how much creative energy is released for meeting human need when the effort is liberated from the bondage of the politics of the moment.

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