Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's finally happened.  The backyard is more dirt and weeds, than grass. It wasn't always that way, but a long-term strategy of killing weeds is not the same as a plan for growing grass.  Since I don't want to spend the summer tracking mud in the house it's time for an intervention.  Break up the soil, spread the fertilizer, plant the grass seed - it's time for a growth strategy.  And since growth hasn't been a recent concern it will be a lot harder than killing weeds.

Any good landscape person will tell you that the secret to a great lawn is an approach that leaves little room for weeds. Why is that so hard to put into practice?

Well in the short-run it's easier to pull the weeds.  And if we're not careful we apply the same approach to our spiritual lives.  We get so busy - and so negative - pulling weeds we never get around to seeding the good stuff.  And then we are surprised to discover barren patches and weedy eruptions in a soul created for better things.

Perhaps the time has come to plant good things in the soil of your self. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are biblical seed that grow into a resilient lawn. And they crowd out those negative plantings that sometimes seem to spring up without any effort at all.  I'm doing a little planting this spring.  Feel free to join me.


snellville snail steve said...

well jeepers.....weeds are easier to cultivate cause ya don't need to do anythang!!! good stuff (quality turf) requires attentive attribute missing from "I gotta-have-it-now" instant reward & gratification society & culture....that's why it's so easy being a 'Protestant Christian' in our society: attend once week, one hour (hopefully not longer) seminar that allows us to fulfil our minimum requirements to be 'A BELIEVER'....SO: where mud & weeds are easy & fun...cultivating a lawn mustbe our truly lofty goal....Thank You, Mike!

Anonymous said...

How timely, as we observe half of our lawn its mediocre untended self and half recently hydroseeded due to construction on our street. I am thinking the only way it will be halfway decent is to rip it ALL up and start afresh.

Sue YUrick